Hard playmat for the baby

playmat for baby: Tips and recommendations

An playmat, or university, is without a doubt one of the most important attractions for babies. An activity surface and universities for babies also contribute to enjoyment, fun and play, and also serve as an important developmental toy. When choosing an activity surface for a baby, it is worth considering a few tips and recommendations.

Activity surface - soft or hard?

If you're wondering which is better - a hard or soft activity pad - you should know that the answer is in a good place in the middle. A hard activity surface for a baby will have good resistance, but it is recommended that it not be too hard, and be made of caressing, pleasant and high-quality materials as possible.

What should be on the activity surface?

An activity surface is a developmental toy - it teaches the baby to be active and inquisitive, as well as develops the motor skills and senses, and especially the sense of sight, hearing and touch. Through the activity surface the baby will be able to lie down and study his surroundings. Thus, the activity surface should have different and varied toys, hung and downloadable, which will activate as many senses as possible - rattles, vibrating toys, poplars and tactile toys in different textures and sizes.

Modular and adjustable surface

When it comes to an activity surface, it should have a few different modes that can be adjusted as needed. You should choose a university that can be dismantled and turned into an activity surface or rug when needed. This way you can combine the two products. In addition, it is advisable to choose an activity area and / or a university where the hanging toys and accessories will be downloadable. This way you can choose the most suitable toys for the baby and replace them as you wish.

Baby Activity Pad - Get to know the magical world of FLYBYFLY

In the magical kingdom of FLYBYFLY, a leading brand for a variety of unique, functional and dreamy baby products, you will be impressed by a variety of activity surfaces and baby universities:

Activity surfaces and universities - suitable from birth, and serve as a soft, pleasant and pampering surface, on which the baby can lie down and study his surroundings. The university has 5 different toys that are hung, and can be downloaded, for the development of motor abilities: appearance, hoop, rattle, poplar duck, tactile rabbit and a noisy bear head. On the surface are 2 fixed toys: a vibrating pull ball and a playing duck. The pair of top sticks are easily removable and the university becomes an activity surface. Comes in blue, pink, white or gray.

Babyinst - simulates a sleeping nest, inspires a feeling of fog and security for the baby, and encourages peaceful sleep. While the baby is awake he can enjoy toys on the activity bar, which can be easily connected or disconnected. The nest is portable and serves as a portable crib. It is made of scarecrow and a thick mattress, and can be separated by means of a zipper and each of them can be used as a separate product (scarecrow and diaper pad). Can be used from birth to 18 months and up, and comes in blue, pink, white or beige.

Looking for a baby activity pad? You are invited to be impressed by the variety of activity surfaces of FLYBYFLY - the special brand that provides the complete solution for the baby room, and turns it into a magical world, of softness, of love and special friends, who will surround your baby with confidence and peace. The brand's products combine a unique fabric composition, functional design and experience from the world of dreams. For any inquiries or questions, we will be happy to be at your service via "Contact Us" on the website, or by phone: 050-6323202 / 054-6789440.

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