Rocking horse for baby

Baby rocking horse: how to choose?

A rocking horse for a baby is a classic and charming toy for babies and small children. If you are looking for a baby rocking horse you should consider a few parameters in order to choose the most suitable one for you and the baby.

Fun and learning in the game

A rocking horse, in the form of a bear or a rabbit for example, is both a particularly fun toy and beneficial to the baby's development. Babies are very fond of toys that they are required to run on their own, and therefore will come out great fun in playing with a swing. The swing also activates them to develop motor skills, stability and imagination, and therefore it will also benefit the baby's development. This way you can combine fun and learning in the game.

Magic in the nursery

Beyond the fun of the game, a rocking horse is also a design element that adds a great deal of charm to the baby room. Choose a rocking horse that you like its design and that suits the atmosphere in the nursery, and see how it completely upgrades the room and becomes a unique item.


A rocking horse is suitable for babies from one year of age, and it is important to choose one that will be safe for the baby to swing on. Choose a stable rocking horse, adapted to the child's body size, and make sure he can hold it safely. It is also recommended to choose a soft and furry rocking horse so that sitting on it will be much more pleasant and safe.

Baby Rocking Horse - Get to know the magical world of FLYBYFLY

In the magical kingdom of FLYBYFLY, a leading brand for a variety of unique, functional and dreamy baby products, you will be impressed by a variety of baby rocking horses. The brand offers a rocking horse for babies in designs of sweet animals that children love, such as a bear swing, a rabbit swing, a duck swing and more. The benefits of FLYBYFLY baby swings will give you:

Dreamy design - all the swings of the brand are beautifully designed, and will give chic to your baby room. This way you can add charm and a dreamy feeling to the baby room. The swings come in different animal designs, they are made of wood and wrapped in pleasant fur.

Fun and learning - At the right age the swings will be used for the baby a game they will not want to part with. Swings are a favorite game for babies, through which they will be able to develop stability and motor skills while playing and having fun.

Comfortable and precise grip - all swings are comfortable to sit on and have a precise grip for babies. This way you can ensure that sitting on it is comfortable and safe for him.

Variety of colors - the swings come in a variety of colors; White, pink, gray, blue or beige. This way you can match the color of the swing to the colors of the room.

Looking for a rocking horse for babies? You are invited to be impressed by the variety of swings by FLYBYFLY - the special brand that provides the complete solution for the baby room, and turns it into a magical world, of softness, of love and special friends, who will surround your baby with confidence and peace. The brand's products combine a unique fabric composition, functional design and experience from the world of dreams. For any inquiries or questions, we will be happy to be at your service via "Contact Us" on the website, or by phone: 050-6323202 / 054-6789440.

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